Thursday, October 22, 2015

As some may have heard Subway announced they are transitioning to meat raised without antibiotics.  They say they will start serving Chicken raised without antibiotics in March, 2016 and Turkey should follow within the next year.  Pork and Beef will follow within six years.  The reason for this move is the company was targeted by advocacy groups calling for the change.  

Provided by Kansas State Extension

ALL meat produced in the United States is tested for antibiotics at the processing plants.  Antibiotic FREE meat is already here today; the meat you eat at Subway today is Antibiotic FREE!  In the United States all meat animals are tested for antibiotics and antibiotic residue if one would be come up positive it is taken out of the meat supply chain.  Animals who are marketed as "Raised without antibiotics" does not change the meat in any way, it simply means a change the way the animal are raised and handled.  

We do administer antibiotics to the cattle and pigs we produced on own farm.  Our philosophy is humane treatment.  NO ONE wants to see an animal suffer and the fact of life is animals do get sick, just like humans you may try your best but at some point you have gotten the flu or a cold.  The same rings true for animals.  I know there are some out there that do not and have never taken an antibiotic; there are some that do not give them to their children.  I guess in our case, our animals are similar to children we want to be known as stewards of the land and livestock.  We do not want to see animals suffer and if that means they need medicine we do administer it.  These medicines and antibiotics are like human medicines they are NOT cheap so to think that some may give more then recommended is not true.  Just as with your child, you would do whatever  you have to, to make them better.  That is what we do on our farm for the ones that may get sick we just want to make them better; we do not want to watch suffering in any way.

Brewer Family Farms LLC. - Bratwurst
My family gets a lot of questions regarding our brats on the use of antibiotics; for the most once you explain that yes, they are used but only for sick animals and that all meat we sell is tested and most understand.  Deep down no one wants to see animals who are sick.  So we have been fortunate to work with great customers.

I know that everyone makes their own choices on the meat they consume and restaurants they visit.  I just know that for me and my family I KNOW that all meat is safe and antibiotic FREE and I will spend my money at restaurants that support our family farming practices. 

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