Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Everyone has that one part of their job that they just love right?!  Well for me that is our Farm Family Award at the Fair called - The Way We Live Award.  This award takes this farm girl out of the office to visit the six chosen families across the state of Iowa; to take some pictures and video and then make a highlight video of each farm family to be viewed at the Fair.  Selected families will receieve Fair admission, parking, $250 cash along with coupons to be used at the Fair.  The deadline for this award is May 1 - for postmark.  If you are a farm family or know of a farm family; please take a moment and nominate them!  Any questions; please contact me at 515-401-1544.  More information is available from the link below!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Garden Project - The Beginning

Gardener - One who tends to a garden for pleasure or hire.

So a gardener I am not!  I grew up with a garden that my mom worked; I remember helping out occasionally.  I tried my hand at this gardening thing a few years ago to much less than a success.  According to my now husband - the pig weeds were taller than the sweet corn I planted.  Now that may have been true but like everyone my life, job and summer got in the way of my gardening dreams! 

I now have married into a gardening family.  My mother-in-law is a GREAT gardener; like those you only hear about in story tales!  This year she is planting 29 tomato plants - to me that is CRAZY!  So my husband has very high gardening dreams to say the least. 

Those dreams came true last night as we planted the first three rows of the garden.  We have a row of potatoes - a row of onions - a row of lettuce/carrots.  We will see how this goes!  But at least these early varieties are in the ground and the weather seems perfect for a great growing season!  

I will keep you updated on the growth and as we plant the rest!  On the list are tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and melons.  Any advice will always be appreciated!  Commence - Wynn Garden 2015!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Brother

Joe - to Add/Give or to Increase

To add/give or to increase is the Hebrew definition of Joe.  That sums up my brother to a T. He is one of the most giving people I know.  
Joe and his cattle.  They are a top priority in his life.

In my opinion to be a good farmer and care taker of the land you need to be a giver.  You need to give of yourself, your time, your faith and your family.  Joe is the fifth generation to raise cattle and farm Brewer Farms.  He has learned the hard way that farming is not always easy and there are days you ask yourself if you made the right decisions. 

Joe with his favorite cow - Stace

 But I know at the end of the day, when you see the look in his eyes - when there is new calf born or he got a field planted - that he is where he needs to be.  I guess to sum it up I am proud to say that he is my brother and that he is a FARMER!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kane Dog

I know everyone thinks they have the CUTEST dog ever!  But I can tell you I do!  Well at least in my mind!  My husband and I rescued a four month old Rottweiler the first of November after my 11 year old husky passed away.  

Kane aka KDog has been a blessing to us and my entire family!  He is dropped off each morning on my way to work to spend the day at his doggie daycare...AKA his grandma and grandpa's - my mom and dad's place!  Now they do not have any human grandchildren yet but they do have two granddogs!  And they are two of the most spoiled granddogs known to man!

I can tell you that Kane can do no wrong at grandma and grandpa's and he is one naughty puppy.  But Jeff and I would not trade him for the world!  

So stay tuned for the shenanigans of KDog in coming posts!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Life Lesson of Life and Death

Sometimes animals die.

That fact is something that takes farm kids awhile to get use too.  As a 36 year old - that fact is still hard to take.  Sunday we dealt with a death; one of our baby calves had scours (diarrhea) and had been given antibiotics and still did not make it.  

The Famous Cow - Stace
To see one of our favorite cows (Stace) so upset over her sick baby and then to see her when that sick baby did not make it, is always upsetting.  Despite my brother's best effort he could not save his favorite cow's baby.  Stace the cow is a family favorite and to my brother Joe - she is his cow.  This is a cow that he can crawl under and is a pet in every sense of the word.  Joe is a great farmer in that he shows so much compassion for this animals.  I think he was more upset than the cow on the loss of the baby calf.

More than Money

Our cows are more than a money making business for my family; most of them my brother or I showed during our time in 4-H and FFA.  Showing means that we would have raised the cow from a young age and then broke her to lead and taken her to the county or state fair to show against other cows her same age and usually her same breed (type). 

Heifer calves for Sale at the Iowa Beef Expo
 Because most of the cows we spend an entire summer getting to know, you do become pretty attached.  Then to watch that heifer (a cow who has not had a calf yet) become a cow and have babies is very rewarding.  So to us our cow herd each has a back story and most have names.  So when one of them looses a calf it is not only a financial hit to my family but an emotional one as well.

Despite your Best Try

Sometimes animal die - even despite your best try.  We do use antibiotics when needed.  We use them on a limited basis like we would do with our own children.  In the instance of the baby calf that died this weekend; antibiotics were used to try to save it's life.  I cannot imagine not trying everything to save that baby - antibiotics and all.