The Bratwurst Adventure

The NEWEST adventure on the farm has been the launch of our Brewer Family Farms, LLC Brats.  These are an all-beef, skin-less bratwurst produced in part with the cattle on our farm.  The bacon for our bacon cheddar brats comes from the pigs we raise!

Our Beef Brat - Brewer Family Farms LLC.

This has been a dream of mine since my first meat science class at Iowa State University in 1998.  I came home from college and told my parents I wanted to open a meat locker; probably not what they wanted to hear from the daughter they were putting through college to get her teaching degree.

Brenda Brewer, Joe Brewer and Emily - Brewer Family Farms LLC.

That processed meats class made a lasting impression on me and after putting aside my dreams of my own locker; I convinced my brother that we needed to find our own venture for the farm.  We knew growing up that our small family farm would need another source of income if he and I both wanted to come back and have families living off the farm.

Jeff Wynn, Linda Brewer, Dan Brewer, Joe Brewer and Brenda Brewer - Brewer Family Farms LLC.

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