Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Keeping the Faith

Growing up on a farm and in the community of farming and agriculture is special.  I was fortunate enough to grow up and show cattle in a community of purebred cattle producers.  We raise and have showed Limousin cattle for years; Limousin are a small breed here in Iowa where every breeder knows of each other and it is a small family.  That family took a major hit yesterday with the passing of a young mother, sister, wife, daughter and Limousin breeder.  We have purchased Straight bred cattle over the years and the Straight family is devoted to each other, cattle and god.  I know they are wrapped in the lords hands after the loss of Jordan and her unborn twins and the rest of the cattle world will take from their grace.

News like the news of Jordan and the twins will allow for most of us to take a step back.  I was driving home when I got word of tragic accident; we can all say that it will never happen to us but really we are not in control.  We all need to be certain that we live each day to the fullest to not let things go unsaid or unfinished; we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I know that today I am looking at each day in a new light.  To let the burdens of yesterday go and to look to the future.  To see the beauty in the day and to see the blessings in all.  Today I am grateful for each and everyone of my family, friends and agricultural community.  I hope you each have a blessed day!