The Marriage

My husband Jeff and I joke that we are glad we went to page four!  You see we met online.....that phrase has taken awhile for me to get use to.

I guess I was from the time where you were to meet your spouse in college or from high school or for heavens sakes in a bar.  But for me that did not pan out.  So when I hit 30 and was still single all those future plans that you make in college became very real; I guess it took one of my best friends since the age of 4; to meet her husband online to open my eyes to it.

The thing about my best friend is she dated online since it began...or since college.  She never blinked an eye at it, me on the other hand I could find any excuse not to try the online thing.  I guess the fact that over 41 million people have tried online dating did not entice me!  So once the best friend found her soul mate and they were talking marriage I finally decided to bite the bullet.  After much searching on different sites I found a home on Farmers Only.Com; I know right..... how funny!

 I had another friend who became single again around this time and she and I found great humor and some great prospects on this site.  So... May 2013 rolls around and I am siting at home on a Sunday night and decide to widen my search to 500 miles from Dallas Center, IA and what do I find a guy who seems to have the same interests and seems "normal" and for some reason I just knew I needed to talk to him.  So a message to a guy in Clay Center, KS was written and sent.

And in just a few short days; I had started to not only messaging but talking to this guy over 4 hours from my hometown, my family farm and my life I had grown to love.  That talking turned into the ultimate in online dating.....the first face to face meeting!  Let me tell you; the nerves get the best of you but for me the no turning back point was I told my mom!  I told her about this guy who was coming up from Kansas for the weekend; now I am sure a million things were running through her mind but really what could she say to her 34 year old daughter; the only thing she could....We are excited to meet him!  The weekend went off without a hitch and we totally hit it off and my friends and family all loved him.

So what would be our next step; well of course to attend my that said best friend's wedding in Colorado.  Jeff and I meet in Kansas City; boarded a plane and spend an extended weekend together with my best friend's family, closest friends and in-laws - all within the first 6 weeks of meeting!  But I guess for both of us that weekend sealed the deal....we knew than that we were meant to be and after months of long distance dating; Jeff moved to Iowa in September and we were married December, 2014!

 So I guess it may not be the love story everyone has but it is ours and I would not trade it for the world!   With pride I say...Yes We Met ONLINE! :)

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