The Farmers Daughter

I am a Farmers Daughter through and through.  My dad is one of my reasons for starting this blog.  He has farmed his entire life and it is his everything.  Has it been easy..NO!  Every job has it good days and bad days.  But he treats each of the animals on our farm like one of his kids.  He treats them humanely and does everything in his power to make them as comfortable and healthy as he can; not only for our family farm but for all of YOU!

My Dad...My Hero...My Farmer

My dad is similar to most almost 60 year old men; he would have NO idea what a blog is and would think I was crazy for talking about him!  But that is exactly why I want to blog and write about him; that selflessness is what make him a GREAT farmer in my mind.  I am sure all little girls love their dads but I get to say that my dad helps to feed you and your family.  My dad is my hero and a farmer!

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