Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Picture by my sister in law of my dad and brother!
 A Time to be Thankful!

It is the time of year where we all take the time to reflect on the year behind us, the Holidays ahead of us and the impending year coming.  I think it is all of those things but for me this year; it a time of family and blessings!

I am blessed by the family god selected for me!  I love the farm I grew up on and still live on today; for my parents who instilled hard work and dedication in Joe and I.  I know they worked through struggles to farm and raise us on the land that our grandparents left for us.  I thank them and maybe not enough!

Looking West on my parents Farm
Hoop Barn and if you look close you can see my dad standing in it!

I am blessed for my amazing husband!  He is great and I thank god for him each day!  We are sharing our third Thanksgiving together and I can't wait for many more!

 I am thankful that these views are my life and that each day I get to just take it all in...something I need to do more often!

I hope each of you have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Emily and rest of the Brewer/Wynn Family Farm

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