Friday, October 16, 2015

    Weekend Getaways - Love Them!

Jeff and I at Pikes Peak State Park

Just about two weeks ago Jeff and I found the time to get away with one of my best friends and her husband for the weekend!  This is something that we need to do more of!  But like everyone else we get wrapped up in life and put getaways on the back burner....

The Group at the Field of Dreams movie site

  Our trip took us to Northeast Iowa to see the leaves and to discover some  hidden gems. We stayed in Guttenberg at this little Inn right on the river!  It was AMAZING!  We spent the morning making our way to Decorah and saw some great scenery on our drive and venture to Dunning Falls and Ice Caves.  Pikes Pike State Park was on the list of must sees along with Field of Dreams!  A great little weekend - the next one is in the planning stages.  Also, Jeff and I one year anniversary is coming up in December - where should we go?  I need some weekend getaway ideas!  Where are some hidden gems right here in Iowa???

Off the Beaten Path

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